Improvements featuring in the new Responsible Stone Program

TFT and WGDN have gained extensive experience while working for several years in the supply chains of natural stone. Both organisations went down to the factoties and the quarries. And jointly drew conclusions about an effective and pragmatic approach. RSP therefore has important new features.


An international initiative

RSP will actively acquire members in even more European countries, and international stakeholders will sit on the Steering Committee of the program


Involvement supplying countries

Southern companies and other stakeholders can participate in the governance of the program


Code of Conduct

Three levels in the code allow for  a more transparent step-by-step approach to improvement


Market claims

Different claims to compliance with the standards offer htrustworthy and transparent marketing tools


Membership option for suppliers

Trading companies in supplier countries can opt for membership, in the same fashion as European importers


Sustainable public procurement

RSP makes it possible for uppliers to comply with the requirements of public buyers. RSP will be tuned to the specific “sustainability” requirements of various Eurpean countries


For more information about the program, see the TFT Responsible Stone Website