How “responsibly” produced is natural stone?

Natural stone is a beautiful and durable product for floors, kitchen worktops, monuments, pavement and building façades. Ethical and environmental concerns exist about how natural stone is quarried, processed and traded. Many quarries and processing factories do not comply with globally recognized labour standards. Often, quarry owners have little awareness of the environmental impact of their operations on the landscape, on water and the air.


Main concerns


Step-by step approach


The problems are not always present, nor do they occur everywhere to the same extent. However their existence is a good reason for natural stone companies and sector associations to take action to prevent them, in order to produce responsible stone.


The  whole supply chain has to be tackled, including quarries and factories. If needed, these issues will be tackled in a realistic step-by-step approach. In addition working on sustainability in another country means adapting to existing activities with local standards, and involving local organizations. Therefore taking the local context into account.